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About Me

My interest in psychotherapy began in 1992 during a year long trip to India. Whilst there, I became intrigued by the connections between western philosophy/ spirituality and eastern mysticism and the wisdom they offered. On my return from India, I trained as a social worker and worked as a children and family's social worker for four years. I moved from there to work as a psychotherapist in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team, again for four years. In 2003 I moved to work for an independent fostering agency, managing a regional therapy team. Between 2009 and 2013 I worked as the Head of Therapy for a UK wide and international social care agency. From 2013 to 2014 I worked for a charity called Rethink Mental Illness as their Assistant Director for Psychological Therapies. This role entailed the strategic management of their five IAPT services. After this I specialised in working with eating disorders. I worked at Riverdale Specialist Eating Disorders Hospital for nearly 7 years as their Systemic & Family Psychotherapist, offering family and/or couples therapy to patients and their parents/families/partners as appropriate. Riverdale Grange offers inpatient treatment to both adults and adolescents who have been referred by the NHS for support with recovering from an eating disorder.

Currently, I am employed as the Service Lead and Psychotherapist at the NHS Sheffield Relationship & Sexual Service, also know as Porterbrook.

I also run a private practice which is described in this website.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and have been registered with the UKCP since 2000. I initially trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, going on to complete a post-graduate diploma in systemic practice in 2003. In 2019 I completed the MSc in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy at Leeds University and am now a qualified Systemic and Family Psychotherapist. I have also been taught to use cognitive behavioural methods and attended a 3 day training course in CBT. I use a range of approaches and techniques in my work, continually assessing which is likely to be most beneficial for each particular person with the difficulties they are facing.


I have written papers and a book and had these published as listed below:

• 2006 ‘Team Parenting: a Web of Integrated Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches in Foster Care’ in CONTEXT (the magazine for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice).

• 2013 'Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care - A Model for Integrated Therapeutic Care':

How can professionals work together with foster carers to create stable and therapeutic foster placements? Team Parenting Children in Foster Care describes a unique model of supporting children in care which involves foster carers and professionals working together in the best interests of the child. This book lays out the key principles of Team Parenting - to meet the needs of troubled young people in an integrated way and incorporate therapy within a wider team of social workers, therapists, psychologists and foster carers - as well as the theory behind it and interventions used. It details how the approach contributes to the recovery of looked after children and each chapter includes examples that illustrates how Team Parenting works in practice. Team Parenting in Foster Care includes ideas for systems and individual practice that will inform and improve foster carers' and professionals' work in any setting.
  • Hiney-Saunders, K; Ousley, L.; Caw, J; Cassinelli, E. & Waller, G. 2019 ‘Effectiveness of treatment for adolescents and adults with anorexia nervosa in a routine residential setting’ in Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention’
  • 2021 - presentation of a poster at the Eating Disorders International Conference, 'Adapting Family Based Treatment on a Specialist Eating Disorders Unit - An Audit in Parental Efficacy Outcomes'. 


Teaching and Conferences

I have in the past taught at SPACE (Sheffield Psychotherapy and Counselling Education), delivering the Attachment, Complex Trauma and Brain Development units on the Human Development module. I have also spoken at conferences and run training events for Local Authorities on Team Parenting.


  • 2019 – MSc in Systemic & Family Psychotherapy (with distinction)
  • 2012 - P.G. Diploma in Supervision
  • 2003 - P.G. Diploma in Systemic Practice with Families and Couples (with distinction) at Birkbeck College, London
  • 2000 - M.A. in Gestalt Psychotherapy (with merit) at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
  • 1995 - P.G. Diploma in Social Work and Applied Social Studies at Sheffield University
  • 1990 - B.A. Hons in History (2i) at the University of Warwick

Other information

  • I abide by the UKCP's Code of Ethics. 
  • I am in regular clinical supervision.
  • I have an up to date CRB /DBS check.
  • I have professional indemnity insurance.

Further Training:

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy 2002;
  • Working with Traumatised Children 2002;
  • Specialist Training for Professionals working with Autistic and Aspergers Children and Young People 2002;
  • David Howe: 'Adaptive Strategies in Adversity; changes of caregiver and increased risk of maltreatment' 2003;
  • 'Parents and Partners at Times of Transition' 2004;
  • FCA Management Development Programme 2004;
  • Permanency Training 2003;
  • The Protection of Vulnerable Children 2004;
  • John Burnham: 'Internalised Other Interviewing' 2006;
  • 'Infant Mental Health: A Presentation of Baby's First Year' 2006;
  • 'Every Child Matters' 2006;
  • 'Long-term Fostering' 2006;
  • 'Sexual Health and Relationships Education for Young People with Learning Disabilities' 2007;
  • 'Safe and Sound Workshop' 2007;
  • Holly van Gulden: 'Dance of Attachment' 2007;
  • 'Bereavement and Loss in Young People 2007;
  • 'The neuroscience of memory, trauma and attachment' 2007;
  • 'Management Development training; 2007;
  • Holly van Gulden; 'Follow-up to the Dance of Attachment' 2008;
  • 'Self Harm' 2008; 'Adoption Act 2002' 2008;
  • 'Supervision Course' 2008;
  • 'Family Attachment Narrative Therapy' 2008;
  • Dan Hughes: 'Trauma. Loss and Attachment' 2009;
  • Jim Wilson: 'Insights into Therapy in Practice' 2009;
  • 'Child Abuse: Neuroscience and Intervention' 2009;
  • 'Understanding and Treating Complex Trauma and Dissociation' 2010;
  • 'Teaching Clients to Use Mindfulness Skills' 2010;
  • 'Early Psychosis in Children & Young People' 2010;
  • 'Dealing with client's sexual issues' 2010;
  • 'Awakening Attachment Needs in Troubled Children & Teenagers' 2010;
  • 'Making a Successful Bid - Competitive Tendering' 2011;
  • 'Working Therapeutically with the Network' 2011;
  • 'Promoting Recovery in Looked After Children' 2011;
  • 'Why Therapy Works - Dan Siegel' 2011;
  • 'Treating Complex OCD' 2011;
  • 'Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes' 2011
  • 'Safeguarding' 2011
  • 'Supervision in Practice' 2011
  • 'Childhood Disorders: Neuroscience & Intervention' 2011
  • 'Foetal Alcohol Syndrome' 2011
  • 'Health Responses to Child Sexual Exploitation' 2011
  • 'Mentalization Based Treatment for Families' 2012
  • 'Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy' 2012
  • 'Working with Sexually Problematic Behaviours in Young People' 2013
  • 'Improving Services for People with a Diagnosis of Bi-polar Disorder' 2013
  • 'Designated Safeguarding Children's Officer Training' 2013
  • Improving Services for Adults with a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder – 1 day, 2013
  • Psychological Therapies in the NHS, 2013
  • Improving Access for Older Adults in therapy services, 2013
  • Eating Disorders in Young People, moving towards integration – Oct 2014
  • Transforming Attachments – Feb 2015
  • Transforming Service Delivery – CAMHS Services – March 2015
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – March 2015
  • Functional Family Therapy – 10/6/2015
  • CPLAAC Study Day – Sharing Good Practice – 18/6/2015
  • Introduction to CBT 12/1/2016-14/1/2016
If you would like to arrange an initial session or contact me about any of the other services mentioned in these pages
please email me

ring me on 07954583576

I practice within Sheffield from a venue in S7.
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