Psychotherapy in Sheffield Jeanette Caw M.A. M.S.C.   UKCP Registered Psychotherapist   Tel: 07954583576


I believe that psychotherapy offers a safe space to explore our relationships to ourselves, to others and to the world. It provides a private place to examine the dilemmas and troubles we face with a therapist who is empathic, warm, interested, caring and non-judgemental.

My view is that it is natural for us to encounter issues in our lives that seem difficult and challenging. Occasionally such problems can feel insurmountable and impede our ability to live our lives in the fulfilling and unfettered way we would like. At such times, talking to a therapist can be helpful in achieving a clearer understanding of what is happening and exploring avenues of change.

Central to the way I work is my belief that psychotherapy increases our awareness. This enhanced awareness can help us in being mindful of the choices we have made up till now and give us the opportunity to choose to do something different. Exploring the past and present can reveal patterns of behaviour that may have been useful historically but now are obstructing our progress and development.

Psychotherapy is also useful in allowing us the opportunity to develop a coherent narrative of our lives that is validating and meaningful. Telling our story can help us make sense of events which have been previously experienced as disconnected or confusing. Understanding these events and being able to make links between what we think, feel and behave can make our experiences less perplexing. In psychotherapy sessions I aim to facilitate this process by providing an environment that allows time to think, reflect, feel and voice things that are hard to say or sometimes even hard to contemplate.

In my practice I draw on a range of modalities and approaches. I do not believe that any one method holds all the answers.

'All treatment approaches strive for a common goal: more effective functioning in a world that is experienced as less mystifying, less harmful and more pleasurable' (J.J.Kreisman & Hal Straus)
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I practice within Sheffield from a venue in S7.
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