Psychotherapy in Sheffield Jeanette Caw M.A. M.S.C.   UKCP Registered Psychotherapist   Tel: 07954583576

24/02/2022 - I currently have no space to take on new clients. I will update this web page when my availability changes. 

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision

I am a qualified Systemic Family Psychotherapist and a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

I offer individual short and long-term psychotherapy and counselling.

I also offer relationship counselling for couples and family therapy.

I am a qualified supervisor and offer clinical supervision for individuals, groups or teams.

Why Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Every year one quarter of us will experience some sort of mental health problem ranging in severity from mild to severe. This can be caused by all sorts of things such as relationship issues, stress at work, traumatic events, bereavement etc. Historical events from the past may contribute to the distress that we are feeling. The problems we face may manifest themselves in many different ways but the common factor is probably that we feel unable to cope with the issues on our own and that we need someone to talk to. 

Sometimes issues can be resolved by talking to our nearest and dearest - friends and family. For some people however, this is not an option, or not enough and they need to talk, in confidence, to someone who can understand their issues and is trained to work through them in a way that can lead to a resolution

I offer short-term and long-term work for a range of issues including:

    •    Depression and anxiety

    •    Self harm and suicidal thoughts

    •    Low self esteem

    •    Relationship and/or family difficulties

    •    Loss and bereavement

    •    Past abuse and trauma

    •    Phobias

    •    Eating disorders

    •    Work related problems

    •    Health issues and coping with illness

    •    School refusal

    •    Parenting issues

Therapy Sessions

The number of sessions that a client may need can vary. Sometimes between 5-10 sessions of counselling can enable a person to take a new course in their life, for example helping them to cope with work related stress, anxiety or low moods in a new and better way. 

Sometimes the problems are much more deeper seated and reach back into unresolved issues from the past. These may need longer term, more in-depth psychotherapy to look at, for example, early traumatic experiences, loss or family breakdown.

Initial meeting

After an initial enquiry I usually invite prospective clients to meet me for a consultation in which we can decide if we are both suited to work together. This is an opportunity to answer any questions that you may have about me or about the way I work. If I am not the right therapist for you I may be able to suggest a counsellor or psychotherapist in Sheffield who can better help you. There is no requirement at the initial meeting to share a lot of detailed personal information until we have agreed a contract.


Once we have decided to work together I will then take a full and detailed personal history and we agree a contract, a focus for the therapy and regular review points along the way. You are free to make an ending at any time but I usually suggest that ideally we take one or two sessions to do this.

To arrange an initial meeting please either phone me on 07954583576, or click here to e-mail me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my particular approach as a psychotherapist before we meet. I have an answer phone where you can leave a confidential message and I will aim to return your call the same day.


I run workshops, training days and team days. You will find information about all these services in this website. Just click on the relevant link

‘The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’ – Marcel Proust
If you would like to arrange an initial session or contact me about any of the other services mentioned in these pages
please email me

ring me on 07954583576

I practice within Sheffield from a venue in S7.
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UK Council for Psychotherapy
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