Psychotherapy in Sheffield Jeanette Caw M.A. M.S.C.   UKCP Registered Psychotherapist   Tel: 07954583576


My usual charge for individual psychotherapy is between £50-£55 per session.

Couple or family sessions are charged at between £55-£60 per session.

Prices vary according to venue and can be negotiated dependent upon special circumstances.

I charge £60 for individual clinical supervision. Charges for groups or teams are negotiated separately.


Therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Supervision sessions are 60 minutes. It is a good idea when looking for a therapist to book an initial session. This functions as an introductory meeting and gives us the opportunity to decide mutually whether I can be of help and to negotiate how the work might proceed.
Therapy sessions are usually weekly. However, couples or family work sometimes benefits from longer intervals in between.

Fees are payable at the end of each session.
If you would like to arrange an initial session or contact me about any of the other services mentioned in these pages
please email me

ring me on 07954583576

I practice within Sheffield from a venue in S7.
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